Temple Boxing is a clean, safe and spacious facility located in Crofton, Maryland. We have a 2,833 square foot training area fully equipped with top of the line safety gear, heavy bags and other equipment. If you're looking for a facility that offers you the opportunity to set foot in a full-sized boxing ring, or if you want to test your hand-eye coordination out on a professional speed bag, then Temple Boxing is the place for you!  But don’t just take our word for it, come in and experience it for yourself.


Temple Boxing was created by owner Nick Manthos to provide individuals with an outlet to relieve stress and better themselves. Temple Boxing is also dedicated to helping our community grow and prosper by supporting local businesses and spreading the benefits of boxing and exercise. You can’t put a price on health!

Temple Boxing was established in the summer of 2013. It began as a boxing class taught by owner Nick Manthos inside of the City of Bowie Gymnasium, and then progressing to the facility that it is now.  A facility that owner Nick Manthos is proud to say offers a number of services and programs with a staff of professional coaches and athletic directors that are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals!



Have you ever watched boxing or seen photos of boxers and wonder how they get and stay in such great shape?  Come to Temple Boxing & Fitness and let us show you!  Boxing combines all the benefits of cardio, conditioning, strength training and stress-reduction for the body, with learning discipline, self-respect and respect for others for the mind.  Throw in the self confidence that comes from knowing how to defend yourself, and you’ll see that boxing provides the ultimate whole-body workout!  As our motto says, “Confidence, Strength, Discipline”.


Our coaching staff is committed to providing a clean, safe, non-threatening, distraction-free, family-friendly environment in which to learn “the sweet science”; whether you’re working one-on-one with one of our trainers, or participating in any of the classes that we offer.  Class sizes are small, which allows the staff to focus on each student and provide individualized attention.  All activities can be tailored to meet the current fitness level/abilities of each person.



Q: “I’m interested in boxing for the fitness benefits, but will I have to get in the ring and spar with someone?”

A: No.  Although some of the exercises/classes are held in the ring, you will not be required to spar.  However, many students who start out “boxing for fitness” decide that they want to take their training to that level.


Q: “I’ve heard that boxing is dangerous and anyone who participates in it will end up with a concussion, is that true?”

A: As with any sport/activity, there is some risk of injury in boxing.  However, the coaching staff at Temple Boxing is committed to ensuring the safety of each student through the teaching of proper technique, as well as providing and requiring the use of the proper safety equipment.  With proper instruction and the use of the safety equipment, the odds of sustaining a concussion or severe injury in boxing are actually less than in either football or soccer.


Q: “What is a typical class like?”

A: Your first class will be spent introducing you to the trainers, familiarizing you with the gym;  the rules and practices, and introducing you to the basics of boxing, such as wrapping your hands, assuming the proper stance, the basic punches and proper technique.  Classes after that generally start with either a series of warm-up exercises to performed by the individual, or a group warm-up session lead by a trainer before moving on to the actual class.  Classes vary between working on technique, footwork, working the focus mitts with a trainer or conditioning exercises to work the different muscle groups.  Again, all activities can be tailored to meet the current fitness level of the individual. 


Q: “Is my child too young/am I too old to learn to box?”

A: Children as young as 5 can learn to box and will learn the importance of respect, focusing and following instructions as well as getting a constructive outlet for their pent-up energy.  For adults, boxing provides an excellent means to relieve stress.  Some people go on to box well into their 50’s and 60’s.

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